Chain of Command

Battalion Commander

C/LTC  Carolyn Storey

Battalion Executive Officer

C/MAJ  Brickelle Helms

Battalion S1

C/CPT  Mckenzie Murray 

Battalion S2

C/CPT  Joshua Dimas 

Battalion S3

C/MAJ  Andrew Knepper

Battalion S4

C/CPT  Ciara Feliciano 

Battalion S5

C/CPT  Autumn Kendrick

Battalion S6

C/CPT  Makayla Creel

Deputy Commander

C/MAJ  Lukas Dickerson

Headquarters Commander

C/CPT  Gianna Morgan

Alpha Company Commander

C/CPT  Wesley Smith

Bravo Company Commander

C/CPT  Lukas Childree

C Company Commander

C/CPT  Owen Castleberry

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

C/CSM  Griffin Ledingham 

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